How to pass a Variable into CV click descriptor

Hi Guys,

Currently having an issue with the CV click activity. I am trying to pass a variable to the descriptor in order to click a particular file from a list but I don’t quite get how to do it…
This is what was picked by the activity - “Target: Text ‘2020/263’ (204,525,48,10)”
However, I want to replace the 2020/263 with a variable e.g “Target: Text ‘“jdate”’ (204,525,48,10)” but I do not know what this part “(204,525,48,10)” represent or how to replace it with a variable.

P.s I am using CV because I am remoting to a server to carry out the activities

Not having much experience with CV but guess “(204,525,48,10)” are coordinates.


Hi please try this

“Target: Text ‘“+jdate+”’ (204,525,48,10)”