How to Pass a datatable From Init state to Get Transaction Data State in REFramework?

i’m Building a dispatcher FrameWork

I’m trying to pass a Datatable from initial state to get Transaction Data State
my Workflow Should have the Transaction item as a datatable then i will populate a queue in orchestrator
The Question : How Can I Pass a datatable From the initial State TO Get Transaction State ?
Kindly Find The Zipped File and Feel Free to modify it so it can work as i want (1.1 MB)

Hi @Karam_Abulawii

I had some doubts,

What datatable u are passing from init state to get transaction data ,

If i am right, ur process is extracting the data from fakename generator and store in queue right ?

maybe my approach is Wrong
i want to make a dipatcher using REFramework and store it in queue
Can you Help me With This ?
Thanks in Advance

So my next question, from where are u taking the data for creating the data , like i mean the gender, and other input details ?

get text activity and store it in a variable then store the values into a dt_Extract


tHIS DATA where u are getting?

from Fake_Name_Generator_Settings Workflow i did it manualy

Hi @Karam_Abulawii
Corrected ur workflow and it is working fine one small addon u had to do

Here in the collection section of add to queue item, i had added only few field, some are missing u can add it as well and then it would be completed

Workflow (1.1 MB)

Nived N

Awesome But how it’s iterating ?

Actually i had iterated it via using the transaction number , if u check the Get Transaction section, u will get the logic,

if Transaction Number <=20, it will continue on, other wise it will set the transaction item to Nothing and stop the workflow

But for your case, there is another way as well where u can change the REFRamwork structure for dispacter as u need only process state, init and end state

U can do that as well

Nived N

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