How to package dependencies and extensions together with json and xaml files for tranfering

Dear all,

I did some RPA workflow on my private laptop and tried to transfer it to my company laptop. As i work for the government and the high level of restriction do not allow me to download activity package and restore dependencies for RPA codes. How can i store the activity packages and extensions offline together with my workflow codes and allow them to run on my government laptop without having to access internet? Thanks a lot.


publish your project to local… this will stored in your local system as .NUPKG

You can transfer this .NUPKG to client system…

you no need to install any packages just you need to install this NUPKG from local…

If need any help regarding this… will be always there for you


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Thanks for the kind reply bro. I have extracted out the NUPKG file. However, im not sure how to run it. Its asking me what app do i want to open it with and i cant find a suitable app. Thanks a lot!


Just follow the steps below…

Once you published the package to your local…

You need to send this NUPKG to client system…

In that client system you can’t edit the code but you can run the code…

Just open the studio->create one new process->navigate to manage packages → Custom-> new->give some name->select the folder path where the NUPKG stored

Refresh it and you can find the NUPKG as a package

Install it and run it.


Hi NaNi,

I did publish it and transferred it to my government laptop. However, i still cannot add the package to the workflow. Im experiencing the exact same problem of not able to download any package from the package store. thanks.


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Could you please explain the issue here… @Melee_Noob not able to download the any packages in studio?


Yes, i think its a firewall issue. Where should i store the NUPKG file on the other computer that i wish to run the process. When i try to add it as a new package in the package store, it is unable to download it


You can store it in anywhere

As of now will store it in Desktop


Give this entire folder path not the file path…

Now follow the above mentioned steps…

Send us some snaps so that will get to know How you’re doing…


I tried to upload the package i created myself as a NUPKG file. However, its not working. Thanks a lot for your kind help NaNi :slight_smile:

It then proceed to have the exact same mistake as the rest of the packages.

Hi @Melee_Noob and @THIRU_NANI,

I do have a theory on how to make this work but to avoid misinformation, I would like to first test if it will work in practice.

If it does, I can share the solution here.

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Hi! @jeevith

Yes, Please share with us…


You just have to find the packages on your local hard drive, and manually put them onto a thumb drive etc to transfer to the other system.

Dependencies do not go with the published package, no matter how you publish it (ie to Orchestrator or local).

By the way, do you have Orchestrator? If so, you can upload the packages into Orchestrator and then they will be downloaded from there instead of from the web.

thanks, please update if possible

Sorry can you kindly provide more details on this? thanks

You just upload them into Orchestrator. There is no more detail to provide.

Hi, thanks for the reply. U just mentioned that dependencies dont go with the package, then is there a point for me to publish it to orchestrator? Because the problem is i cant download the dependencies on the work computer due to firewall issues

Again, you just upload the packages into Orchestrator and then whatever system is running the Job will download them from Orchestrator and won’t need internet access.

Sorry i cant find the place as decribed in your post. This process is to be done in UiPath studio right?thanks:)