How to organize a file extraction flow?

Hi to all,
I have a “very simple” workflow, because there are no particular logics applied, but I would like some help to better organize the workflow.

The flow is very simple, as it says.
Open Browse LINK and save the CSV in network folder.
I have about 20 links (20 csv) to download and over time they can definitely increase.

Until a few days ago, the reports were few, and so I created a flow of this type.

The flow continues with the same pattern for each report … but I understand that it becomes inconvenient over time to have such a long flow.

At the moment I am creating a folder with all the necessary information.

(Link, Name file, Path)

Can anyone help me organize my work better? if you have ever done a similar job, or if you have a flow that I can adapt?

Thanks a lot…

I understand that you have some links.

Store all those links in an array and use for each loop. Inside the loop , download the CSV to the network folder.

Hope this helps you.

Hi @AaronMark

You try below steps to improve your workflow.

1 - Whole process should be in Flowchart which you are already using.
2 - As @Surya_Narayana_Korivipadu mentioned create a collection to store all url.
Other Approach - You can also create one master file (xlsx) and their itself give your url values as shown below and then read that whole excel and iterate each value (url) one by one.
The Active column i have used to make it more dynamic if you don’t want few url to be picked by bot then make it False.
Point to remember get only True values rows from filter activity.

3 - Get URL for each row and then download each files in respective folder
Optional -You can also define Folder Name in same excel if you want it should be created with the same name.


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