How to order a String[] containing numbers in desc way

Hello all,

I’m wondering what is a good methode for ordering a String Array which contains numbers in a descending way. From the Largest to the smallest.

I tryd the .OrderBy methodes and alot of differend onces but i can’t seem to get them working

function_IRgapDelta.xaml (22.9 KB)

You can simply use Sort on Array.

// reverse array

Maybe i’m missing how this function works. Cause it gives me an error that this expression doesnt return a value.

Lets say my String is called A (This one is filled with alot of numbers)
To sort i do
A = Array.sort(A)

Right? Well this returns a compile error that the expression does not returns a value.

Can u use Invoke code activity. Not the assign activity.

Havent Used the invoke code before as it is forbidden by the company i work for. But i guess this small intervention can’t hurt.

Although when i use the invoke code method it seems to keep giving me an error.


Check this post on how to use “Invoke Method” activity.


Check the workflow for more insight

Flowchart1.xaml (6.7 KB)


Alright i figured out that using a string of arrays corrupts the data as i never know which the total outcome is. Is there a way to do this same method with a List ?

I made everything work but it descend in a way that it doest read the entire string but every char. So for example
if i order 88 9111 and 288 the order will be:




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