How to open UiPath Assitant in elevated mode on startup

I want the UiPath Assistant and UiPath.Serive.UserHost.exe file to run in elevated mode on startup for my VM.

Basically I want all the services and application associated with UiPath to run in elevated mode.
Is there any way there services will run directly in elevated mode for VM without manually ruuning it as admin on VM

Hi @Jalan_Pranav ,

Have you Checked the below Post :

Hi @Jalan_Pranav,
One approach will be editing the group policy as suggested by @supermanPunch. You’d probably require the help of IT team.
Another one is to first add and enable the required executables in ‘Startup’ tab in Task Manager. Then for each of your executables edit ‘Compatibility’ properties and Tick the checkbox against ‘Run this program as an administrator’.