How to open shortcut files and folders

I am now seeking the way to open shortcut folders and Excel files.

I know that I can open them with Recording activities.
However, I have no idea to open them;
I tried opening a shortcut of an Excel file with Excel application scope, but I could not.
As to shortcut folders, I have no method.

So, could you tell me how to open shortcuts?
Any information will be welcomed.
I would be extremely grateful if you could share the xaml file.

Thank you in advance.


Right click on that shortcut option and go to properties of it. And there you will find .exe path. Just specify this in Start Application activity to open application.


Thank you for your information. It would help me a lot.

I have an additional query on how to open the shortcut files or folders;

If we have five folders (A, B, C, D, and E) and we have the shortcut file and folder under each of the folders, is it possible to open them with the way you have given?

It might be possible to use a “For Each” activity, but I did not come up any idea to create the further chart.

I have attached the xaml file. Could you give me your opinions?

Thank you so much in advance.
Main.xaml (7.9 KB)

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The procedure stated by @lakshman is the best way in my opinion. If the folders are named differently, then using a For Each loop becomes a bit difficult with the process mentioned. However, if you do know that there will be only a single file in the directory, you could alternatively try opening the “TargetFolder” and using clicks to navigate through the file system. This would simplify the process. You could also try the “Click Text” activity in this regard.

I would like to point out that navigating file systems based on visual elements will prove to be very difficult in cases where the directories and number of files can vary. Since you have not mentioned a specific purpose to your work or the detailed scenario, I would advise you to combine activities in a manner that best suits your application.

Happy Automation, and good luck.