How to open Multiple Instances of same Browser?

I’ve below requirement:

Step-1) Login to website-1 in Chrome with User-1, Perform Activity-1, Activity-2, Activity-3
Step-2) Login to website-1 in Chrome with User-2, Perform Activity-4, Activity-5,…
Step-3) Switch to website-1 in Browser where User-1 is logged-in step-1 and perfor few activities
Step-4) Login to website-1 in Chrome with User-3, Perform few activities
Step-5) Switch to Browser where User-2 is logged-in


  1. How we can do multiple user login in same browser?
  2. How to Switch to those browser?

a) I’ve selected “New Session” option in open browser activity, but its not working… its keeping same session.
b) Other thing I can do is I an use different browser for diffrent scenario but I’ve to login with more that 6 user on same website…
c) don’t want to use “hidden” option in browser activity as this is not background automation

Can you please suggest best approach to handle this kind of requirement.

@badita - Hi, Any idea How to handle this type of requirement?

Thanks :slight_smile:

@kuldip.gohil _blank might help somehow like being used in javascript to open new window instead of new tabs.

Hi Vinay, Browser shares same session either tab or new window (except private browser)

Have you tried using different browsers? One Chrome, one Firefox, one IE?
You could use a hotkey like Ctrl+Shift+P for private session in Firefox for example


If you open multiple instances of a browser using Open Browser Activity you can save the session in a variable using the UIBrowser Output propriety. Problems can appear when the two browser have the same url but if you do the login first this should not be the case.

When you are trying to do interactions with the multiple sessions you have to add an attach browser were in Input field in Browser Propriety you should specify the browser session that you saved earlier.

In principle this should work but make sure you are not working with two instances of a browser that have the same url.



@Cosmin_Ion_Nicolae Unfortunately I’ve same URL in all browser.

I’m doing web automatin testing where we’ve web based chat application, I want to chat by doing login with multiple user and need to verify they are able to chat with each other.

So after log in in the url doesn’t change?

Hi, after login url gets changed but it remains same for all user…

e.g. after login it becomes

Is there anything on screen linked with the current user? A username? That will let you check in which browser you are working.

I’ve Username in screen,

But Issue is when I have opened browser and logged-in with user-1, on same url I’ve to login with User-2… (for example, we can consider gmail chat, where we’ve to login with multiple user on site and perform google chat)

@kuldip.gohil you can use ‘open new session’ in IE .This will allow you to open diffrent instances with diffrent users.

Hello @kuldip.gohil,

Did you get the solution for the requirement you posted?
I’m also facing the same issue.

Please share it, if you got it resolved.
Many Thanks in Advance.

I am very new in UiPath. but as far as I know to open up multiple instances of same browser you need to go to properties>option>open>select always from dropdown options. I hope it will help.