How to open Macro excel file in uipath

how to open macro file in particular folder path?
For example:

C:\IT\Reports\Daily\5000 - Sales Report\WHS_Pivots.xlsm

I need to open this file?
can anyone help me

use start process activity and pass this file path as input buddy @Abubakkar

were you able to open now @Abubakkar

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Yes buddy it’s working fine Thanks

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Cheers buddy @Abubakkar

how to identify type app arguments?

when try to upload the xlsm file it seems that particular folder is empty
what should I do ?

just run it will open with file path of that file… @Abubakkar

it wont be there in start process
go to the folder take that path and paste here in file path and run buddy @Abubakkar
It will open


Where is that xlsm file stored ?

Just pass the full file path into start Process activity to open the file.


sales.XLSX (628.5 KB)

what are these excel files buddy @Abubakkar

I need to open this file buddy @Palaniyappan

you want to read the file or just to the view the file buddy @Abubakkar

I want to open this file after I have some automation calculation work here

Buddy just pass the file path of the file to start process buddy that would open the file and bring that to foreground in front of the screen and from there on you can make automation you want

Cheers @Abubakkar

Were you able to buddy
or kindly correct me if i have understood your query wrongly
Cheers @Abubakkar

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yes buddy now working if the same excel file is already opened at the time only error occurred.

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yes buddy to avoid that you can use kill process with process name as “EXCEL” which can be used before start process
that would work buddy
Cheers @Abubakkar

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