How to open excel file which is password protected in uipath

Here i need to create a bot which will open the excel file which is Password Protected

First i need to create a dummy Excel file
then create a config file which have that password
then Open the file by entering password automatically by bot and then read the file.

experts pls help i need it ASAP!!

you have to use excel application scope and provide the password in highlighted part

But i want to extract the password from config file

Hi @Doonline

As per best practices, never keep password in config file. It should come from orchestrator.

Hope this will be helpful.

Thank you.

Hi! @Doonline

for getting the credentials from orchestrator follow the below steps…

1.Log in to your cloud account
2.Navigate to Orchestrator
3.Inside the orchestrator Navigate to Tenant->Workspace folder->Asset->Add new asset->Create new asset->Type(Credential)

provide the asset name(Which you can use this in config),UserName(person website username),Password this will use highly encrypted algorithm called AS256(Person website password)


This tutorial will be useful if you are new to this concept.

Thank you @AndersJensen