How to open exact folder path once file download completes

i am want to automate: once file download completed open the downloaded path and rename the file.

challenge is user to user they have their own download location. can any one give solution for this.

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You can get the user download location using this @Arun_Chithiraipandia



Hi, Thanks.
under which activity i have to give this.

yah thats possible
–once downloaded get the path with a assign activity like this
outfilepath = Directory.GetFiles(“yourfolderpath”).orderbydescending(Function(d) new fileinfo(d).CreationTime).ToList(0)

where outfilepath is a variable of type string
then we can use MOVE FILE ACTIVITY where mention the sources as outfilepath and mention the destination path with filename we want along the path

Cheers @Arun_Chithiraipandia

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Assign it to a string type activity @Arun_Chithiraipandia, so that it will retrieve the download path of that specific user. So you can get the download folder for that specific user and then you can get the files by sorting it accordingly

were we able to change now buddy
Cheers @Arun_Chithiraipandia