How to open and save outlook mail messages from specific senders?

Hi I need help with trying to open and save outlook mail messages from specific senders. I only need to open and save from one sender in my outlook instead of saving all them because I need to also save some attachments from a different sender.

So I need to save mail messages only from one sender (say it is and save attachments only from a different sender (say it is, how do I do this? thanks.

using .eml extension you can save whole email in local directory

I want to save the email with the subject line. However, it is not working for me. It keeps saving that it can’t find that file path

Hello @olsonse you can use save mail message and save Attachments activity for saving mail data and attached documents.

For one sender, you need to apply condition and mention the senders’ email address.
For example:
if this condition true then save the data of this mail and save attachements.

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hope this helps!


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