How to open an Outlook file in a location?

So I have an outlook template file (.oft) in my Desktop.
What activity do I use to open this template without going to my Desktop and double clicking it.

I tried using Start Process, putting in the parameters, but outlook doesn’t accept (.oft) as parameter.
So is there any other activity I can use to open a random file in some location?

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Buddy start process would work for sure @CtrlAltGiri
May i have a screenshot of start process properties in your studio
If possible
Cheers @CtrlAltGiri

Hey @CtrlAltGiri

Hey you can open your template by using below parameter with start process.

Start Process Activity Parameters:-

FIleName - “Outlook.exe”
Arguments - “/t C:\Users\yadavak\Desktop\sample.oft”


Damn. Works flawlessly.
Thanks :smiley:

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