How to open all the files in a folder and then read the data present in each file using UiPath Community Edition?

I want to open all the existing files in the folder, read the data I want in each file, and then enter the details in a new csv file. So how should I perform this task?

Mostly excel files are present in the folder

Hi you can first get all the paths of the files in a direct in array of strings. Then after that use for each item to iterate through those paths and you can perform the operations on each file.

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Try below expression to read all excel files in a folder.

       strExcelFiles [] = Directory.GetFiles("FolderPath","xlsx")

And then use ForEach loop to iterate one by one file.~

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If you want to perform task on excel file only then
Using For Each item of directory.GetFiles(“d\abc”)
Use If ----- Item.contains(".xlsx") or Item.contains(".xls")
Excel Application Scope
Read Range

Else -----Blank

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thanks for your help.

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thanks you very much. I understood what i have to do.

Happy Automation!

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