How to open a mainframe terminal session with a particular session ID using start process


We are using terminal TN5250 for mainframe automation. In the terminal session activity, inside the connection string we have set the session id as “A”. We use the start process activity for starting the session and then in the path we provide the absolute path of the .ws file for starting the mainframe session. It usually starts the session id A and below the start process activity we have the terminal session activity with appropriate connection string that connects to the session and does the necessary automation. The problem is sometimes the start process activity starts the mainframe session with a session id as “B” or “C” or “D” even when there is no other mainframe session that is active with session id “A”. So the terminal session activity throws an exception saying that cannot connect to the terminal.

Is there a way in which we can start the mainframe session with a particular session id using the start process activity. Can something be passed as argument ensure that the mainframe session is always started with Session id “A”? Or is there any other solution for this?

Hi @BalajiTKumar

Can you show us the sequence or workflow you have made may be while setting a connection string there would be an error

Ashwin S