How to obtain the result of a formula with 2 decimals

Hi all,

I have this situation: My robot has to do a math formula pretty easy and to return a number with 2 decimals and I tried everything I could find. This is how it looks so far.
The formula is 100-((count3*100)\Prio3) and it should return a number like this xx.xx . The vars count and Prio3 are integers, and they will always be integers.

The output is a double variable at the moment and the message will be rounded up.
I tried changing the procent3 var into decimal and the same result.
I don’t need to Round up the result. I need it as it is but within 2 decimals.
P.S.: The vars count and Prio3 are obtain after the robot searches within an excel sheet how many rows fulfils a condition.

Any ideas?

Hello @Andreea_Nistor
Check the Variable type of Procenr3 is a System.Double, If it is in Integer, it will round off the value.


I think the above expression returns integer.

The following expression might be what you expect.



kindly note:

\ is so called Integer division

well I didn’t know that, but if i use “/” instead of "" it give me an error

it’s a double. but I am thinking that might be something wrong with the formula…


In my environment,/ works as the following.

Can you check type of variable?


Try to use double literal explicitly, as the following.



Try the Back Slask “/” instead of ""

Did some other modifications and this worked. Ty!

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