How to notify if a sequece is completed successfully in Uipath?

Hi Friends,

I need your help to accomplish the below task.

I am trying to Login to an client application - search for an user - select account details and click remove - confirm removal and click submit

Once this is completed successfully I need to send an email.

So I need to check if the sequence is executed successfully before sending an email

Please suggest simple steps which can help me to accomplish the above task.

Thanks in advance

@subramaniampoovai Put your sequence inside try/Catch block and use send activity in Try block after all the activities so whenever all activities execute successfully it will send a notification by email otherwise go to catch block.

Thank you Arpit,

However is there a way to check using IF condition to check if all the activities executed successfully?

Besides, will try/catch and update you if its efficient.

@subramaniampoovai I don’t think there is any thing which tells you that all activities executed successfully but If your flow comes to the last Send Email activity that actually means all activities prior to that executed successfully

Ok in that case will stick with Try/Catch and update you the result… Thanks for helping…

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