How to navigate to another URL using same browser

Hi @dna,

Can you share the xaml. if possible ?

Note :
if you feel that it is confidential , you can send it by message.


I had the same error.
But fixing was to wait the old page was loaded and only then navigate to.

Did this get resolved, I’m getting the same Exception.

Hi @proshan and all :slight_smile:

For the record, this issue seems to be fixed a few versions ago and should no longer occur on the latest community edition.

Please let us know if you are still experiencing it on the latest 2019.9.2 version or higher :slight_smile:

Tested and confirmed with UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities v19.7.0
So no need to use a workaround.
Thx for info

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No, Navigate TO must be inside a browser or in attach browser

this is not exactly accurate, navigate to can be outside open browser or attach browser if you use a browser variable…

Realy navigate to can be outside open browser or attach browser ok :slight_smile:

Navigate to URL only work once your webpage fully loaded which is opened in launching browser… so just add around 5000 micro-seconds delay before navigating to another webpage… I request UI Path team to trigger navigate to url only after loading 1st webpage fully. Please fix this issue in future update. Most of all customers including me facing this issue.

Hi @Tech_Guru

Would you be able to provide a small sample project zip file that reproduces this scenario? (best using public website).
Or even some basic screenshots to explain the workflow.

It would help a lot :slight_smile: