How to navigate to a certain process in the RE Frameworks

I currently have a lot of “if” activities in my project using RE Framework. I would like one of the outcomes of the condition to be that it would skip the process and go to the very last sequence of the Process.xaml

Is this possible?

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Hi @dvn

Yes it can be done through boolean flag like setting a flag=true means go to next process flag=false means to skip the process

We need to give flag to do particular process
Ashwin S

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Yes that was doable @dvn

you can issue the bussiness rule exception to skip in the process and do the next process of your desire.

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Hey @dvn

Yes… it can be done… However, if you have so many if conditions one insider another, I would not recommend to have such a design. I would recommend to use flowchart instead of a sequence so that you can easily define your rules. This will also be easy to track the conditions and manage them easily…

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