How to navigate through comments with different parrent id

I am automating a web page where I have to get text from all the comments present, but the parent id is varing in every comment and that is the only element differentiating the comments. I tried using ‘*’ but then its taking the first comment only. How can I go for the other comments??

sample selectors are:

and :confused::confused: plese help guys....

try to find out idx value (0,1,2,…etc…) and loop throw and pass increment value into the selector idx value.
that will resolve your issue.

I tried that but the idx attribute is taking me through different paragraphs of the an comment not in the next comment …:thinking:
as I compaired parentid is the only unique attribute in all the comments.:disappointed::disappointed:

Then you have to associate Idx value with parent ID tag information. THat’s an unique combination of selector which you have to identify. please use UiExplorer to identify right combination of selector for your parentID.

Hope you will find soon.

I used find children activity to get all parent ids and its working…
thanks @rkelchuri for help…:grinning::sunglasses:

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how do you use find children to get all parent ids and apply it to get text activity?
can you show me how to do it please…
Thank you.