How to navigate the excel data with the help of same value

i want to give this excel sheet as a input to the purchase order but it has multiple vendors and items so i want to give the value when same vendor id match regarding the action. please share your thoughts. Thanks in advance.

Read this Excel, pass the datatable as argument loop through each row(for each row) check the value if(VendorID==‘Your variable/Constant’) then continue the process else part will be empty.

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thanks for your reply. I want to group the data with respectively vendorID and action because i need to give this grouped data to the various Purchase order input like creating, updating.

@Prakash_Raj using select statement on dataTable u can get particular vendorID rows.

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Use select statement or use filterdata table and pass the result as a argument

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How to use select statement and filter table in excel any examples pls… @Divyashreem

vendorID can be generate dynamically how to do that… @Manjuts90

@Prakash_Raj use read column activity to get values from VendorID coulmn.

(DataTableName).Select(“convert([VendorID], ‘System.String’) = '” + (Variable.ToString/Constant.ToString) +"’