How to move to next item in a loop based on browser element

Hi -
I’m trying to automate browser based item deletion process which is done using the information in an excel.
At times, there are items which are already deleted and when bot search these items, the message is prompted in the 'Count=0). For now, i have i used continue on error so that automation can move to next item without error.

Is there any way to move to the next item and restart the loop the moment the message ‘Count=0’ appears on the screen. (Message appears on the same position in the browser)

Please let me know.


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Did we try with TRY CATCH activity where if any exception even occurs it will get into. CATCH block where we can re iterate if we want

Cheers @anujkaul

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If you build this in a workflow, you can use an element exist activity to check for pop up at certain point. If it appears you can route to go back to start of the loop.