How to move subfolder files to another folder if my parent folder name is in pending status in Excel file

Hi all, I want to move xml file which is in sub folder to another folder only if my parent folder name is in Pending status in Excel. I have done the workflow but it did not workout me. can pls guide me where did mistake.

XML Subfolder_Movement.xaml (21.2 KB)

@tkiran - I have one question: I see the File Name starts with 57_46_61_1_01**.xml is showing in pending state which should be under the 57_46_61_1_01** folder right?? I see your screenshot shows different folder and file?? please clarify

Yes you are correct wrong folder screenshot I kept sorry for that I suppose to keep second folder screenshot which is in pending in excel.

Thank you for your reply…

@tkiran - Apologize for the late reply.

were you able to solve the issue? If not , please let me know I will build a sample workflow and share it.

It’s ok and Thank you for your reply…
No, I am stuck in that workflow for two days. If possible can you please send a sample workflow

Here you go… (48.8 KB)

If you run this workflow as is, you will 57_61.xml will get copied to the output folder. Even though 57_61 folder has two files it will copy only .xml because I am looping only for .xml files here.

Hope this helps…

Hi guru,
I am getting an error Copy File: The target file "
xml3d.xaml (11.1 KB)
" is a directory, not a file.

Copy File: The target file “” is a directory, not a file.

Thank you so much Guru…

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