How to move packages from DEV/UAT Ochestrator to PROD Orchestrator


I am working with a customer that has 2 Orchestrator instances: 1 for DEV/UAT and 1 for PROD. What’s the approach to install the packages that have been cleared to production into the PROD Orchestrator?

Thank you!

You can do the below steps

  1. Download the Nuget package from DEV/UAT orchestrator.
  2. Upload downloaded package to PROD Orchestrator

Another approach is you can change the orchestrator url pointed to Production orchestartor from the studio settings under Manage packages. After that you can publish your package from studio directly, which is not recommended/best practice.


What @Ramki81 mentioned is how we’re doing it and that works well for our purposes.

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Thank you!

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You also have the option of an external NuGet feed


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