How to move into frames using uipath

I am doing level3 assignment 1.In the process i want to move to the ‘update work item’ frame.
Below are the my selector and frame screenshot’s.when i am trying to execute it to move into the frame, not able to move into the frame.
But frame is Highlighting properly with the same selector.

do i need to add any more attributes to the selector .Can you please any one help on this.

Thanks for your help.

What are you using the selector for? in which activity?
I didnt get your ‘Moving into frame’ part clearly.

@prasanna.Ui you don’t need to move into another frame just click on update work item and then add an attach browser activity and you can do your stuffs there.

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Try to use Navigate To instead of opening this poup

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Hi all,
Thank you for all quick reply.

In assignment 1 process ,after clicking on ‘Update Work Item’ button ‘work item update’ page will open.I want to move to that ‘Update work item’ page.please find below screenshot:

i have used attache browser activity by indicating the same ‘Update work item’ page .But when i am executing it it is not working.

Thanks you for support.

Hi ,

I have used same attach browser activity but it not moving into the page.

Hi @prasanna.Ui
in the attach browser activity please indicate the body of the of the window not the whole window.

Thank you very much reda.

issue got resolved.

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