How to move folders in a destination path depending on the first letter of the folder

Hello ,

Just wanted to ask how to move the folders in a specific destination depending on the first letter of the folder?

For example I have a folder in a source
“C:\Users\unichan\Documents\Sample\Source\Anthony v. Reed”
“C:\Users\unichan\Documents\Sample\Source\James v. Smith”

And then I want to transfer it in a destination

“C:\Users\unichan\Documents\Sample\Source\Anthony v. Reed” should be transferred in A-I since Anthony starts with letter A

“C:\Users\unichan\Documents\Sample\Source\James v. Smith” should be transferred in J-P since James start with letter J

HI @prititit

You can try with these steps

  • Use For each folder in folder
  • If is between A-I
    • Move to A-I
  • If is between J-P
    • Move to J-P
- If is between Q-Z
   - Move to Q-Z

Refer this xaml too
Main.xaml (10.9 KB)

I have tested it its working for me hope it also works for you


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