How to move files with the same format from a folder to another one? I got the problem with the Expressionwith

How to move files with the same format from a folder to another one? I got the problem with Expression!

I try to move files with format " CustomerName_Report_DDMMYYYY.xlsx/.pdf to a same folder “YYYY” and the other not have the same format to another file!

I do not know how to sort

Sorry this is not clear. Could you please elaborate?

This is my task! I have problem to write the expression to sort files with same format and move to one folder!

Hi @Nguy_n_Th_y

Regarding the files


Check the file name with below regular expression


If the filename is matching with above regular expression, then it implies that ur filename has pattern CostumerName_REPORT_DDMMYYYY

then, u had to do the following things :

Use Path exist to check whether the folder with year specified in file exist

If it is true , then use move file activitiy to move the file to the specified folder

If it is false, first create the folder and then move it


If the filename is not in the specified format then , use create folder to create a folder with today’s date and then move it to the that folder

This is the logic u can apply


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I guess, it should be \w+_Report_\d{2}\d{2}\d{4}

@Nguy_n_Th_y - For the below portion…


  1. Path.getfilenamewithoutextension(File) - Which will give you “CustomerName_Report_11032021”
  2. Use Assign= StrYear = Regex.matches( Path.getfilenamewithoutextension(File), “\w+ _ Report _ \d{2}\d{2}(\d{4})”)(0).groups(1).tostring (Remove additional spaces from the pattern…)

  1. Take that year variable and check using folder exists…if not create one and move the file…

Hi @Nguy_n_Th_y …I have completed this workflow…I would suggest to give it a try based on the above inputs…if you get stuck please feel free to reach …

I will share the sample workflow …

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Hi @prasath17

Thanks for correction regarding regex pattern


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