How to move files to other folder when exception get

i am using pdf extraction to excel .i placed all files in “PDF files” folder after successful files i moved to folder Name in "Proceed files " all are activity i used in Try block using Try-catch Activity.
my Question is when we get exceptions Like Pdf format changes, then That pdf files Should Move to “Error files” folder. how to do it.

can anybody help to me…

Can you place seperate Try Catch block for the PDF operations and When the Exception the move file can be used inside the Catch.

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in try cacth block’
try block i used all pdf operation.
in catch block i used move file activity (to error folder), and close apllication
upto here its working fine when Pdf Format changes error.

but remain pdf files it showing Move file error (proceed file )

please give solution i attached exception (1.8 MB)

Its coming as invalid Document While opening the File.

i am getting error like above i used Close application and Move file in catch block and outside of try-catch block

Try by kill application and only if the Process exist in the ID.

invoice_2.pdf file is format issue it is killed and moved in error file .
if already close application, move file in catch block. then how to skip the kill process and move file outside try catch block.
how to write condition ?

Processess = System.Diagnostics.Process.GetProcessesByName(ProcessName)

IF the Length of the Array is >0
then Kill
Else Skip KillApplication.