How to move email from WIP to Complete or Exception folder

Hi All,

I am a bit new to UiPath so I am not aware if this is straight forward. Here is my requirement -

My process is split into two parts -

1. Load Queue - Reading the emails from outlook inbox and adding the details from email to queue and then moving them to the “WIP” folder. At this stage moving email to WIP folder as I am passing MailMassege Item to the “Move Outlook Mail Message” Activity

2. Process Queue Item - getting the item from the queue and process it. Here the outcome may be successful or exception. Depending upon the outcome, I want to move the corresponding email from “WIP” to either the “Complete” or “Exception” folder.

Now my question is - How do I achieve this when I do not have the whole MailMessage Object as an Item?

I thought of extracting the Message-ID while loading the queue and adding it to the queue. But I am not able to find any activity which can target the email based on Message-ID and move it to relevant folder.


Hi @ajp
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Since you’re using Outlook activities for your automation, you have the FilterByMessageIds option:

  • FilterByMessageIds - Returns only mail messages that match the specified message IDs. If set, the Filter option is ignored.

You can use the message ID as a parameter when creating a queue item and SpecificContent to access it from the second automation.

Thanks, @RPAForEveryone. Let me try that out.