How to move array to Datatable

I have text record like

I split in to array
array(0) = “D”
array(1) = “006”
array(2) = “0006118666”
array(3) = “0000000124235”
array(4) = "XXXXXXXX "
array(5) =

I have to move from array to datatable
I use ADD DATA ROW activity
input property arrayrow = array ,Datatable = DT

but it has error. What should I do?

What error are you getting?
Normally, you would just build a datatable, then use Add Data Row, like you were trying to do.

This is an error .

That error means a variable has not been set to anything. It’s most likely the xTable variable. So, you need to initialize that table somewhere. Since you are adding a row to an empty data table, I would suggest in this case to use the Build Data Table activity and set all the columns to align with your array.



Thank you. I can move data to xTable already. :+1: :+1:

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