How to move a window to a specific monitor

Hi there,

After reading in this very helpful forum for a while, it is now time for the first question I could not find an answer to.

I work with a wall of eight screens, with each screen having one browser window (IE) opened displaying different web-pages for data visualization. I wrote a bot that constantly checks if the right windows & web-pages are opened or if the log-in to one of the pages needs to be renewed and if necessary does so. But I can not find a way to make the bot move the windows to their designated screens.

Hence my question:
Does anyone know a way to make a bot move a window to a specific physical screen when working with multiple displays?

Many thanks in advance

Use Attach Browser Activity to move to the different to move to different web screens.


Thanks for your reply Mahesh, but maybe I did not make my point clear. I am talking about physical displays. There are eight monitors connected to one computer each showing one window. I do not want to move “in the browser” but want to maximize the window of one IE-instance on e.G. monitor 1 and another IE-instance on monitor 2 and so on…
I do not see a way “Attach Brower” let’s you define on which monitor to attach the browser or do I overlook something?

I edited the Initial post to hopefully make it clear (:

Hi Paul!

Did you solved this scenario with multiple display?