How to move a particular row to another sheet?


I need to achieve the following:
The robot should iterate through Sheet1 rows and once a particular row meets the criteria, the robot cuts that whole row and moves it on the bottom of the Sheet2.

Note: I am not allowed to use third-party libraries and packages.

Thanks in advance!

your request is a little bit confusing, but lets try to give some help:

we can do it e.g. with filter datatable, LINQ or collecting by any other options

Appending to Excel we do with append range

for the appendrange we do use a datatable. A datable we already get e.g. from filter datatable…
From a single row we can do:
myRowVar | Datatype: Datarow
newDT = {myRowVar}.CopyToDataTable

Hi @bp777
You may include the following steps/activities to achieve that:

  1. Read Sheet1 using Read Range activity
  2. Filter resulting datatable using Filter Data Table activity from source datatable to filtered datatable
    NOTE: You may use datatable even for one row intended to be appended in next step
  3. Append Range activity for adding row/s to Sheet2

Hope it helps!

Great, that was the most efficient approach, thank you!
@ppr thank you as well!

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