How to monitoring for UiRobot.exe?



I plan to run the robot with a task scheduler in a standalone environment.
In the workflow, logs are set to be written for each operation.
However, there is a possibility of some troubles such as UiRobot.exe not starting up.
How can I monitor the life-and-death monitoring of UiRobot.exe itself?
Is there no choice but to create an application that checks whether UiRobot.exe is running?

Thanks in advance.


Here is the way .

Before running your main Task you can do the initial checks
Run CMD and check the status of service
sc query UiRobotSvc

scrape the sate: Running and check the condition if service =running then continue main task else
start the service using
net start UiRobotSvc and resume the work.

2nd approach would be if your UiRobot not started then UiPath gives you an error popup so use this as element exist in condition if true then start service or else resume the main task accordingly

3rd approach would be by power shell script where UiPath has activity
Run power shell script make use of it.


We have some cleanup tasks that have to happen when a bot is no longer running, so we had to write an external program that monitors UiRobot.exe via WMI. It’s worked well for our process.