How to monitor UI Parth services and possibly autorestart when needed?

Hello Forum, I am an IT guy and asking help here. My business users are complaining there is a need to restart services everynow and then. Id like to provide them with a monitor to understand when and auto/semiauto restart the services to continue the business with UI Path - any ideas on how to do all this ?

-ilkka & business users

As per my experience The necessary of restarting the UiPath comes when it has stopped working, for example when you got the error : UiPath has stopped working. I think beyond this there is no necessary to autostart the services every now and then.

thanks for your reply!

ok, I will look into this if this is our case as well. But still, would it be possible to notice this or shall it be so rare to have the case that it does not need monitoring ?

Restarting the services always is not necessary and it is rare, it only requires when something unusual happens in the system.

You can refer this link: