How to monitor a application is running finished

we can run KNIME workflow with start process activity. Seems it is just a trigger the knime running and then activity is done.
Is there a way that I can monitor the status of flow complete and then continue for other uipath steps.

Hi @jenselvcn
Have you Try this one.

actually we hope to run background to trigger the knime running. we didnot open forground for knine app.

Hello @jenselvcn
You can use Element exist or element appear activity in attached window activity

If you use Element Exist, indicate the Process end message in the application or some other news that suggests the process is finished. If it indicates output will be true and continue, else the process will loop again the element exist until the process becomes true it will loop


If using an Element appears, the process will start only the required element appears.

Also, try to use process end trigger activity in a trigger scope
Once the process ends it will trigger the next process execution

Hello @jenselvcn ,

I’m afraid you have to modify somehow the KNIME workflow in order to end with an event that can be caught by some of the UiPath activities.

In order to monitor the status of the KNIME workflow you can use one of the following UiPath activities:

A good example provided by UiPath is this

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