How to minimise and maximise rdp

Hi all,

I need help on the minimise (inactive) and maximise(active) rdp after I launched and login to server? I need to work on two windows, ones is rdp to server to run some jobs and the other is google chrome to close the Service Request whenever there is a need to get the info from rdp server . Any suggests :slight_smile:? Thank you

@jojo123 -
if you are using community editions - this feature will not work…

if you are using enterprise edition - you can try below implementation -

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I’m using community version now:). is there any suggestion to use what activities to switch between rdp and google chrome?

is there a way to min and max the rdp whenever I need to use it ?

as per my understanding - these features only work with enterprise editions…

How about min and max google chome instead of rdp? Thinking rdp can alway open on the screen. It may behind google chrome if google chrome is max. Possible to work?

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