How to merge two independent Re Framework components

Hi, We have implemented two Re Frameworks for two different processes independently. Now our requirement is to merge these two and run one after the other. If some thing goes wrong in one processes and other should continue to run. Please suggest the process/approach that we need to follow here? Thanks for your time.

Hi @0143b592934b5c8d79cf

I think this is what you are looking for?

A controller that manages the execution of the sequential tasks… I have published a template controller for this same scenario. You can download and use it…


@ Lahiru, thanks for your immediate reply.I will look into the same and will let you know in case I need any more details on the same. Thanks for your time again.

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Hi @0143b592934b5c8d79cf

Please also see this post of mine together with that entire thread:

It should give you some ideas.

Also, soon there will be a native support for such scenario directly in Studio and Orchestrator :slight_smile: (Long Running Workflows implementation where you can invoke processes from Orchestrator as part of your process).