How to merge the Two images


i attached code for merge two image MergeImage.xaml (13.8 KB)

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Hi How can i merge more than two images. i have to merge 7 images


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U can add two,two image using above xaml otherwise use below xaml . it allow you to add N number of image at a time

for that you have to pass argument image paths by comma separated.
Argument name(Str_imagePaths)

Notes: (you can join vertical /horizantal wise)

MergeImage.xaml (22.4 KB)


1.str_imagePaths arguments : Give your all images paths with comma separated (Which are all you want to merge)
ex: “C:\one.png,c:\new\two.jpg,D;\new\three.png

  1. Str_FinalImagePath : give your output image path which location you want to store
    ex: D:\output\mergeimage.png

  2. blnHorizantalJoinImage : If you want to join Horizantal then Give true and make false blnVericaljoin image

4.blnVericaljoin image : If you want to join vertical then Give true and make false blnHorizantalJoinImage

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