How to merge same type of different excel file (excel is extracted from mail attachment) into one excel sheets

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I want to merge different excel files (which number is not fixed & downloaded from mail attachments) into one excel sheet. the master excel file & different excel files have same number of columns, head title & same type of information. I already tried using “merge data table” but i failed. Can anybody help me to figure out my failure & give me a solutions. Thanks in advance// SojolCustomer Input file1.xlsx (10.1 KB)
Customer Input file2.xlsx (10.1 KB)
Customer Input file3.xlsx (10.1 KB)
Customer Main Input file.xlsx (9.9 KB)
New Capacity requirement-Mail automation.xaml (15.2 KB)

We need to read datatable to be merged in MergeDataTable in advance.
So, the following sample helps you. (32.9 KB)


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I can’t open your main.xaml file. could you please resend the file. then i will be able to see, what type of activity & expressions are used by you in your xaml file. Many thanks for your cooperation.

It works. I use “directory.getfiles()” VB expression instead of but it works. Many thanks for your suggestion. but somehow, your zip file contain 8KB main.xaml file, which can’t be opened in my laptop. could you please resend at your convenient time. Thanks in advance.

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Alright. Hope the following helps you.

Main.xaml (7.3 KB)


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