How to merge rows from two different data tables in to one?

I have two data tables and I want to merge their rows into the third data table without the use of the Merge Data table activity.

Hello @Sami_Rajput

You can try Join Datatable activity.


Hi @Sami_Rajput ,

Could you let us know why Merge Datatable Activity isn’t preferred for your case ?

Also, we could loop through one of the Datatable and use Add Data Row Activity to add the data row or it’s specific items to the other datatable.

Let us know what kind of an approach you are looking for and we maybe able to provide a similar suggestion.

Hi! Actually, I want to achieve this without using ready-made activities.

As such, there is no specific case, I just want to try different approaches

Does that mean you need some linq expression?

he is appending columns but I want to append rows from two different data tables into third data table