How to merge multiple Tenants into one?

Is it possible to merge 2 Tenants into one…? If not directly within Orchestrator or Admin UI, could it be done via Data manipulation in SQL DB…?
If not, then this might be a good feature request / enhancement.

Is it possible to migrate a tenant to a new one?

It is not possible, nor supported, to migrate tenant(s) from one place to another. Furthermore, UiPath does not have in place an automatic migration solution.

Except for recreating everything from the scratch manually (which is recommended to go for), there are several custom alternatives:

  1. To create automation that uses UI or API to extract data from existing tenants and create new/ add to existing ones
  2. To create an automation that uses Powershell that retrieves the data from one tenant and adds the values to another one

For the above both mentioned alternatives the main idea is to retrieve data from the database (in Excel) through API, UI, or Powershell in order to be created properly the keys and indexes in DB as if doing this manually.

Another solution is to use the Orchestrator Manager - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace (A tool to help Orchestrator administrators to perform bulk operations on entities like Assets, Environments, Machines, Processes, Users, Robots, Organization Units, Folders, Queues and Packages.)

Well, not that we want to “move” them or “migrate” them, but it you have say 2 Tenants and want to MERGE them together, why could you not…?
It would seem that it would be a simple matter of updating the Database Tables that contain TenantID(s) to only be reference only 1 value now instead of 2…?

Tenant-1 = 1111
Tenant-2 = 2222
But now we only want Tenant-1 so all references to Tenant-2 would be change to “1111”…?
Robot ID Tenant ID
10 1111
11 2222 <== But after MERGE it would then be 1111.