How to merge/join DataTable with the same rows

Hi everyone

I have two DataTable like this. All rows of them are 3.

I want to merge them like↓
NPEK-114L (220 Kg ),10,110632485,“17,600.00”,KG,18.09.2020,2.160,“38,016.00”
NPES-903 (1000 Kg),20,110633251,“40,000.00”,KG,18.09.2020,1.640,“65,600.00”
NPES-903 (25 Kg),30,110632490,“87,500.00”,KG,30.09.2020,1.610,“140,875.00”

How do I do ? Thanks.

I did by using For each. Does anyone have better idea?

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You can use join datatables activity

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Rows of This output become 6 . It’s not what I want.