How to merge excel files into 1 excel file has formulas?

How to merge excel files into 1 excel file which excel has formulas ?

File sample 1 (the file I will merge) . As you can see when on column i when you click the 0 it shows the formula

When I merge that into 1 excel file the formula should not be remove and should still be the same like what you can see above.

Files to merge:
100_2020 Budget.xlsx (13.9 KB)
150_2020 Budget.xlsx (14.1 KB)

I want to merge this 2 files into 1 excel including the formula. Any idea thanks.

I only wanted to merge sheetname named “Summary” do not include the other sheet tabs from the files.

@Jelrey - Did you tried Copy Range – which I have suggested already?

Show us what you have tried? Why did you create a duplicate post , when your other post is still open?

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Main.xaml (16.1 KB) project.json (659 Bytes)

here is what I have , can you please provide me an example of what you mean @prasath17. Thanks

@Jelrey - Please find some starter help here… I have hardcoded the value for the time being…but you can make it dynamic…

Main.xaml (7.2 KB)

Here is the output 150_2020 Budget.xlsx (18.7 KB) . You see the formulas are still there after copying.

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@Jelrey - Any update?? Please mark as Solution, if it solved your query

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