How to merge 2 rows into 1 row in Excel file using formula in Uipath

Would like to check with u that is anyone know what kind of method can be use in UiPath to fulfill the need I need to merge the excel data from 2 rows into 1 row, if you need the example you can refer to the below. Appreciate your help for this question. Thanks.

This is the original file

This is the result I want to show in my excel but cant get it

this is the Uipath I doing

I’m trying to apply this formula “=IF($A1=”“,B1,”“)” using uipath but fail, is anyone know how to do it? Much appreciated!


maybe this helps you

Hi, Thanks for your reply. I have found the solution.

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but I have another question as below, not sure if you know how to solve it? Thanks.

Could you please post the solution? I’m having the same question