How to meet the condition of an excel column

In the column (Enviar_mail) the fields that have (SSS).
an email will be sent to you.

other data, the column where I have the mails is called (MailP).

I have the condition but at the moment of executing, nothing is sent.

First check if the expression on the If conditional field is returning the expected result. Add a breakpoint in the If activity and use the immediate panel to check the return of the expression at run time.

If its returning what is expected, double check the properties panel on the activity Send SMTP mail message

Hi @Ana_Patricia_Garcia,

I have to ask, could it not be running this step because you commented out?
Remove the comment with CTRL+E.

If this was done under your control, the problem here may be that your condition is not met. Run it in debug using breakpoint and make sure it satisfies the condition.