How to match part of string from SQL Stored procedure to Website's extracted data table

Hey ,

Can someone help me on below.

I want to match SQL Stored Procedure’s Data column’s Word EX: Peter
Website’s extracted data’s Column.
If Column data contains word “Peter” then need to process further.

I think regex or Copy to Data table might be the option, not sure.



Assuming that you have the Extracted Datatable in a variable DT, You can use the Following Expression to Check if Peter exists in Column Names of DT :

DT.Columns.Cast(Of DataColumn).Where(Function(x)x.ColumnName.Equals("Peter")).Any

The above should return True if Peter is Present in DT Column Names

@supermanPunch Thanks for sharing. I will try this expression.

Now also confused in my scenario. See what I want exactly.

Use Case :
Fetch orders from Website stores 1,2,3 (At a time only store 1 or 2 or 3 )
There are 2 types of customers : A and B having various order numbers.
B types of customers are in each stores.
Check in SQL data that if tracking available for particular order or no ?
If yes then update those on website.

Issue :
For customer type A in store number 1 has order 12345,
Store 2 has same order 12345 in Customer B ,
So what my code is doing , Updating store 2’s detail in Store 1’s Order.

Current Code : Code is matching order numbers only.

What I need to update here? If you can please send me sample flow or explain me.
Thank You in advanced

Which namespace do I need to import for this? I am getting error of ambiguous namespace

@PALKUMARI_PATEL Try below one and check the result. In assign activity

Boolean Var = DT.AsEnumerable.Where(Function(x) x.Item("ColumnName").Equals("Peter")).Any

DT is your data table name

If the column has peter this exp returns true or returns false

@supermanPunch @ushu
Somehow I am not able to match with above code. Let me show you something here.

SQL Data : Customer name type A , Customer name type B
Website extracted data : Customer type A From SQL (p,q,r,s,t,u,v – multiple names) , Customer name type B from SQL (B2B - different name from SQL)

so, how should I match this both if my order numbers are match from website to SQL then I want to check if customer names matched then if yes, will do process further.