How to Match my Regex Expression to link in Mail Body which is behind a click here button


Here I have two Click here buttons & I want Bot to click on the 2nd Click here button i.e below Extract into Excel

For the Link in 2nd Click here button I have build a Regx Expression

Here Link remains same just last digits changes

Please anyone can help me

Welcome to the UiPath Community @vedant1!

I think it can be done without regex too

go to UI Explorer and select some other elements from the right panel

there will be group of selector this will identify the second Click here button uniquely

For that I have to open the outlook application ?
or can I do it with Get Outlook mail messages activity.

when you said you are asking the boy to click, that means that particular mail is already opened, right?

then try to get the selector of that second button, you’ll get to know some solution there

Also, wondering why you are having that mail open to click on the link?

You tried reading the mail using Outlook OR Exchange OR SMTP, and then reading the mail body? that should have the exact link and you can simply open that link in a browser

you can split the body using Click here keyword and the you’ll get an array, the third element of that array will have that link

Hope this helps a bit!

Attached is the mail body after getting it from outlook get mail activity , here after 2nd Click here I get the link can you please help me with the code to extract that link

(Split(Split(yourTextVariable,“Click here”)(2),“>”)(0)).Replace(“<”, “”).Trim

Thankyou So much , It’s working perfectly fine. Really appreciate your help

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