How to match a value in a datatable and input a corresponding value

Hey, really new to UIpath.
So basically, I have this excel sheet which has 7 columns
Column A = Customer Name
Column B = Customer Code ID
Column C = Misc info
Column D = Week 1
Column E = Week 2
Column F = Week 3
Column G = Week 4

Now, I have data collected into a separate datatable, SAPdt, with Column A = Customer code ID and Column B = Week 1 or 2 or 3 or 4.

I want to combine the SAPdt into my original template file but I need it to check if SAPdt column A = Template column B. If so then input the SAPdt column B value into the relevant week (I have the workflow created in such a way that it asks for which week to update for and depending on that value will just choose a certain path, so I don’t think this has to be generic, I can be specific about the columns ex: my week 2 workflow will definitely always go to column B and Column E in the template).

I think I need to set up a For Each Row activity but I don’t quite know how to tackle this problem. I assume doing an assign with a rowidx and then doing an IF and adding in the relevant information but I am having troubles!