How to master Invoke Code and Custom Activities?

Hi ,
How frequent we use Invoke code and Custom activities in MNCs working Environment .
Can i have some examples and Scenarios .How we can hands on as a newbie?
Invoke Code - We can only write with ?
while Custom activities can only be written in C#?


The main thing is, we can do almost all the things using existing activitities… But I will give you a small example where we use Invoke code,

Generally we have data in excel without the tabular form or without the table name. So,if we want to make that data a pivot table, we must use VB code i.e., Invoke Code

In the previous versions, we have only one option that is VB, now we can write C# as well

Any thing which generates dll can be used like MVC … But MVC is also a c# code :smile:

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