How to manipulate table data that cannot be "selector" on a desktop app

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I am automating a business application, but I am having trouble getting a selector of the table data in the screen I want to operate.

Is there a way to manipulate a screen part that does not have selectors?
Or could you get the character coordinates in the selector and right-click on those coordinates?
Let me know if there is any better way.

■ What you want to do and what is packed
What I want to do: I want to open the detail screen by right-clicking on each company name in the table in the following screen
Packed content: The entire table on the screen becomes a single selector, and you can not focus on the table data

■Applicable screen image
When you click the display button, data is displayed in a tabular format in a thick line frame
・ Right-click for each company name (if it is an image, two of company name A and company name B) and open the detail screen
・ The entire thick line becomes treated as one selector
・ Since this screen itself can be output as an Excel file, the company name you want to right-click can be obtained from the output file

■ UIExplorer screen when the thick line is selected
・ The state is selected within the thick line of the above image
・ The blue line in the image contains the application name, so it is put in to hide.
・The table data part is displayed as “”, and there is no selector hierarchy after that.